Sunday, April 29, 2012

Friday, July 1, 2011

Get Organized & ReVAMP : The Inspiration Rooms

So graduating from college was definitely plus! No more papers, test, all nighters! Well at least for now... But not that I have move back home for the time being the lack of storage is killing me! Isn´t it supposed to be the other way around?I feel like I was way more organized at school in a dorm room at that than I am at home in my own room! Well now I am on a journey to getting organized and decorating! Here are some inspirations!

WHITE is the new BLACK
I love color and most of all I love  black! Black will always be my true love! I always dream of a light airy white room! I love the summer and I wish I lived on the beach, so I decided to redecorate and brighten up monochromatic style!

Deciding whether of not to get a headboard. I like how they to the look of the room but I think I will try the mirror idea instead of the headboard. My room is small so I don't want to over crowd it with large pieces.